About Us



TogetherWith is a project that wishes to help the well-being of young people who feel lonely. The project utilizes creativity to connect young people by encouraging them to take part in collective, cooperative, and collaborative activities. This aims to help in forging positive relationships between young people.

Research conducted as part of this project shows loneliness feeling can be relieved by people’s desire to connect. Research similarly indicates creative activities can be a mechanism by which people can unite (Goncalo et al. 2020). The project uses a website to host the activities, as well as using Instagram and Twitter to assist in this. Activities people can participate in include collages, poetry, music videos, photography, and stories.

The project uses the website to present material that educates and informs people about loneliness. Information on the site shows how improving well-being can be used to alleviate these feelings. This is achieved by using written content; articles explaining what loneliness and well-being are and the reasons for these personal concerns. Another element on the website is using visual content such as animations to further help explain the research as well as solutions to loneliness and well-being.

TogetherWith Art


A tiled collage, where users are presented with a picture which is divided into tiles. Users who wish to contribute to this collage are given a tile to reproduce in their style. They simply upload their finished piece to the website, where it is then placed in the tile.

TogetherWith Poetry

A haiku poetry generator where users can upload a line of poetry, which then randomly can show up via a generated three-line poem when a button is pressed. All lines are contributions from users.


TogetherWith MusicVideos


Collaborative videos where ordinary members of public take part in joint experiences, such as music, pets and family.

TogetherWith Photography

A photography section where users are invited to take photographs on a given theme.


TogetherWith Stories


A collective story where users create a story and subsequent users follow on from what the previous user posted to create a linear story.