Collaborative Collage


In this activity, users are invited to part in completing a collaborative collage. There are four collages to choose from and each collage is divided into nine tiles. How the user wishes to decorate the tile they download, is up to them. Firstly, users select one of the collages below. Secondly, users download the tile template from hovering over the collage tile they want and thirdly, simply colour in the tile via their device. Finally, users simply upload the finished tile into the form below the collage. Moreover, it is then reviewed and placed into the collage in the assigned tile. Afterwards, The name of user is then shown when a user hovers over that tile in the collage. So go on and try one of our collages below, you sure to enjoy creating a piece of artwork!

TogetherWith Art

How To Take Part in the Collaborative Collage

Here are the steps in which users can contribute towards the collaborative collage.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

Collaborative Collages

Users can choose between four collaborative collages. Each of the collages can be viewed by clicking on title names below.

Flower Collage A1

Paul Duffy

Flower Collage A5

Colm Tierney

Flower Collage A6

Susan Rainer

Flower Collage A8

Noel Janusz

Wolves Collage B1

Dominika Sygnowska

Wolves Collage B2

Stephen Maguire

Wolves Collage B4

Alannah Pryor

Wolves Collage B6

Nicole Mazgula

Wolves Collage B8

Mary Sugrue

Wolves Collage B9

Louise Fennessey

Park C2

Nicholas Scorey

Park C4

Claire McNamee

Park C6

James McEvoy

Park C7

Roxie Tynan

Heart D3

Kate Harris

Heart D5

Micky Devlin

Heart D6

Deborah Purdy

Heart D7

Ricky Cairns

Upload Tile

Upload files

When uploading an tile, please try to use a desktop computer instead of a smartphone. It is also preferential to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as browsers too.