In this aspect of the project, young people are interviewed about what makes them happy and what makes them feel less alone. The interviews are combined with animations that graphically shows the content of the interviews. Brief clips of the young people doing their activity are also shown in the video.

TogetherWith Documentaries

Documentary 1


Dancer Victoria gives a great insight on her hobby and how it helped her overcome the feeling of loneliness during these pandemic lockdowns. Victoria explains her passion for dancing and how and where it all began. She further give details on how strong the mental is and what one should do in order to keep their well- being in check.

Documentary 2


Singer and songwriter Jack expresses his passion for music and singing alongside giving greta advice on how those should open up to people when they are feeling low.

Documentary 3


Drummer Nora from a well know band, showcases her talents and explains how beneficial it its to work in the music industry especially during a time like this, the global pandemic.

Documentary 4


Painter Kaffy explains her passion and joy about painting and other hobbies and how they contributed to her mental health and well-being.