Our Team


Mark Proctor – Project Manager, Web Design & Research

Mark is the project manager and is the primary developer of the website. Skilled in a variety of creative disiplines, such as Graphic design, Web design, Sound design, 3D Modelling and Media studies.

Mark is passionate about helping people. He wants to assist as he wishes to promote positivity and learning in all ways of life. This project is an example of the ethos that he desires for in wanting people to come together and connect with each other.

Nicole Mazgula – Graphic Design

Nicole is the Graphic designer. Over the lockdown she learned many ways of improving her mental health along with keeping my mind in a good place through creativity and journaling. She picked up on a new hobby which is painting and found that having projects to work on really helped create a spark of interest and a sense of accomplishment.

She also feels that combining ways of being creative while connecting with people could be a positive project to be involved in and can have a great impact on people’s well-being.

Saoirse McPeake – Motion Design & Research

Saoirse carries out research for the project. She then designs and animates the motion graphic videos which displays the group’s research findings.

She is a Gaelic Footballer in her spare time and believes that teamwork is very important for people’s mental health. She thinks that collaborative activities can help people who are struggling and that this project could have a positive impact on others.

Tosin Onibokun – Interviewer

Tosin loves clothes which results in a love of shopping. This assists with her mental health as it helps her to focus on things. She also likes to post on Instagram as well as having to style someone or do their makeup for an event. She really enjoys doing them as it keeps her feeling good.

In this project, Tosin conducted the interviews and made mini-documentaries. She also runs the TogetherWithStories Twitter channel.