In this activity, users can produce stories along with others. On the TogetherWithStories Twitter page, users can interact with it by replying to a line that starts a story. It gives people the freedom to come up with a continuation tweet. The account tweets lines that begin the Twitter thread. Users are then able to tweet their reply to the line originally tweeted. This is then followed up by more users replying to the previous tweet and so on. This can help users to express themselves and interact with others by taking part in a story or “thread”. This answers the issue which the project intends for, which is to assist and help people to connect with others. It is done in a fun and entertaining way which allows people to enjoy the progression of the story due to the creative element that it requires.

TogetherWith Stories

Our Stories

Check out the the range of stories that have been tweeted on our TogetherWithStories Twitter account. To participate all you need to do is click on the story that interests and you will be brought to Twitter to tweet your reply.