Music Videos


In this collaborative activity, videos are produced based on content sent from participants. Each video is overlayed with a musical track. Themes are put up as a post or a stories on our Instagram account to attract people to take part. People have an opportunity to participate in the music video activity in the following ways: 1) They video themselves lip-syncing elements of the song or 2) they can send in photographs or videos that relate to the posted theme. An application called KineMaster is used for editing videos as it includes royalty-free music. It is beneficial to choose songs that people can relate to which is why these themes are ideal. However, any upbeat or positive song would work in this activity.

TogetherWith Music Videos

Our Loved Pets

Our Loved Pets 1

Victor, Chad, Lola and Cinnamon ?

Our Loved Pets 2

Pippa, Shadow, Mitch and Donkeys ?

Our Loved Pets 3

Ziggy, Bella, Ula and Chickens ?

Closest Ones

Closest Ones

Closest Ones ?

Tiny Meals

Tiny Meals?️

Video documenting the preparation of a tiny meal ?